• RICHPEACE SFDR Network Transfer System
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RICHPEACE SFDR Network Transfer System
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SFDR Network Transfer System RICHPEACE

Main Features   

By using LAN port of SFDR, establish industry network system, no more floppy diskette is used. Less USB flash memory required, make good security of design data.
One computer can control 64 sets of different machines, and connect to various types of machine. Data connection can reach 1Km long.
It can transfer many data files at the same time to different machines, and have strong error correction ability, high transmission efficiency.
Comply to industrial grade network standard, having strong network anti-interference function, able to work in any industrial environment.
Network system provides user-friendly interface, can be very easy to operate and reliable, high stability.
Network software provide data query, data send, data delete and other network management functions.
Manage the database securely by distributing access rights to different level of users in the software.
Simple to construct the network, convenient to debug, and easy to maintenance, safety.
We provide different type of network configurations to customize professional industrial solution for meeting customers’ requirement.



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