• RICHPEACE Embroidery Control System
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RICHPEACE Embroidery Control System
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Embroidery Control System RICHPEACE

Main Features   

User friendly interface, easy operate, graphical user interface, activate function through keypad and touch screen.
Excellent managing function such as real-time monitoring.
Large memory with regular memory of 2 million needles .
Main Shaft Digital Speed Control (patent), enable motor stable working and changing speed smoothly.
Auto mending function (patent ). Pull control bar to back postion for mending if thread broken occurs. Auto resume to work with original position when mending finished.
Synchronous operation function, design editing, input and output can be made while embroidery performing, increase working efficiency.
Wide embroidery function, move frames without power off machine, pull control bar to start work when fabric clamped on frames.
Unique frame-driving technology ensures good quality of embroidery works.
New data reading technology, quicker and more efficient input and output of designs.
Plug & Play USB port, compatible with floppy disk with USB port.
Power Breakdown protection function.
Support sequin embroidery, quilting and pneumatic frame,Support sequin embroidery, quilting and pneumatic frame, boring device, independent tracing cording device, chain stitch chenille embroidery, double-head combination embroidery and alternative head embroidery.



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