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RICHPEACE Sequin Punching Machine
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RICHPEACE Sequin Punching Machine

Richpeace is committed to offer customer an effective sequin punching machine for producing chain sequins, which are used for embroidery machine with sequin device. High speed, precise and stable are major benefit of this machine. The die cut of Richpeace (SPM) are specially made with good high quality metal which meets the high precision requirment in sequin embroidery machine.
Adjustable punching speed, maximum speed is 500 pcs/min
High efficiency, low material wastage
Accurate sequin length control
Easy to operate
Compact design, smaller machine size.


Model & Specification
Speed :150m per 40min (based on 6.8 or 7mm sequin)
Reel Quantity :17 Reels by one time (for 6.8mm), 32 Reels by one time (for 3mm), 22 Reels by one time (for 5mm)
Material Width :125mm
Material Thickness :0.15~0.2mm
Supply Voltage :3-phase 380V, Single phase 220V
Power Consumption :1.5KW
Size (L x W x H) :1.5m x 0.5m x 1m
Net Weight :400kg
Gross Weight :480kg
Sequin Shape :Round, Square, Diamond, Floral shape (4 petals, 5 petals, 8 petals). Oval, Snow shape, Triangle and special tailor-made upon request.
Sequin Size :3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.8mm, 7mm, 9mm and special size available upon request.



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