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-Quick and accurate pattern design, using basic design tools and advanced geometrical procedures
-Advanced model design and make-up with simulation for darts, folds, -Automatic and manual pattern grading
-Pattern checking and verifying, measurement table, real time watcher
-Pattern digitising, support for fast access digitising functions, vocal confirmation
-Editor for technical documentation, including support for graphical
- Import and export in/from international standard formats
When you design your own products or collections, Pattern Editor is the software environment in which the designer's ideas are easily transformed into perfectly built and checked pattern projects. 
Gifted with unique design functions like reversible folds and darts, automatic & interactive seam allowance creation, automatic notch translation and the all-sizes dimension watcher, cad systems allows a quick and perfect pattern design. 
Automatic grading and the interactive grading functions allows the previous experience to be stored in grading rules and easily applied to the new products. Pattern Editor is based on Bezier curves, but can also handle complex polylines or B-Spline Curves. 
The Pattern Editor interface has a very different approach compared to other CAD applications, because is built to be
extremely user friendly, according 
to the latest software standards. 
Pattern Editor comes as standards with a built-in convertor for Gerber, Assyst and Lectra native files and also for DXF-AAMA import and export.
-Automatic and manual lay definition
-Automatic order optimization 
-Cutting-Room order report 
-Export for plotters, cutters 
-Export for other CAD systems
Cut Plan is the link between the design room and the cutting room. It provides fast and high quality automatic or interactive optimisation for the spreading and cutting operations
In Cut Plan application, the operator sets the quantity of pieces ordered by the client for each model, size and fabric, and 
some general settings regarding cutting: the preferred spreading length, the maximum number of sheets in the lay and the fabric's width.
Cut Plan application can automatically generate the most efficient plan for product grouping and distribution, so a minimal number of markers and lays are needed to obtain the ordered quantities. This automatic operation lasts for 1-2 minutes. The user may choose among several automatic strategies of lay planning, as well as manual or semiautomatic methods, so the best results are obtained every time.
-Full automatic, high efficiency marker optimisation
-Special features for markers on fabrics with lines or stripes, tubular or folded fabrics, for fuzing-block definition, for fabric contraction
-Over-night marker optimisation for large volume of work
-Fully compatible with markers from Gerber, Lectra and Assyst
-Fully compatible with all types of plotters and cutting machines from Gerber, Lectra, Assyst and others
Automatic Nesting is an advanced solution for automatic nesting in apparel industry, developed by CAD System, but also available for users that work on other CAD products ( direct convertor from Lectra, Assyst, Gerber and also from all applications compatibile with DXF - AAMA standard format). 
Automatic Nesting is based on state of the art technology and algorithms that will provide excelent nesting results in record time. It can run full automatic nesting for one individual marker or work continously for a list of markers, with no human intervention required. The usual time needed for an average marker of 8 m is about 3-5 minutes. The average results in terms of speed and efficiency are considerably higher than manual nesting. 
Automatic Nesting can perform full automatic nesting on simple, folded or tubular fabrics, with or without plaids, stripes or textures, with specific widths and contractions, according to each piece specifications and freedom.
Automatic Nesting cand output the nesting results in its own file format *.pt or *.mrk, but can also export in all major industry standards: DFX-AAMA, HPGL-PLT, ISO-CUT and RS274D. After automatic nesting, the markers can be directly plotted or send to automatic cutting machine.



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