OROX Cutting machine OROX T350/T600

  • OROX Cutting machine OROX T350/T600
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OROX Masini de croi T350/T600
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Cutting machine OROX

OROX FLEXO T350 and T600
Machines with fixed bench " Tailor " can cut a variety of materials and fabrics .
Can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer.
The machines Orox " Tailor " MAY ACCEPT MOST MODELS spreading IN THE MARKET !
With new technical solutions adopted on the machines , " Tailor " , you can draw directly on the cutting plane through an automatic spreader mounted directly on the fixed bed Orox . An innovative solution to optimize space and above all costs.
The affidalbilità of machinery and the ease of usp allow a guaranteed return on investment.
The machines " Tailor " are completely modular , easy to assemble and can be installed even in very confined space .
Orox FLEXO : After years of research and testing in the field in collaboration with its customers the new machines were made by cutting the Orox . The new machines , developed with an innovative and unique project where an autonomous robotic structure interacts with the cutting table conveyor power and block the material to be cut.
The wagon bridge completely autonomous robot , the mechanical structure with a rugged and lightweight , incorporating the cutting head with the intelligence of CNC government and power electronics with the latest generation of brushless motors . The carriage moves along the longitudinal axis on the cutting plane while the cutting head moves simultaneously on the transversal axis . The electronics and software interact with the mechanics interpolating the dynamic movements with fast, smooth and with incredible accuracy . The high-frequency oscillating blade penetrates the material to be cut and cut cleanly , smoothly and precisely . A panel on board touch screen facilitates the management of operator and allows a simple and intuitive use .



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