Sewing machine SEWMAQ SW-4510H-25"-7+SW-4520H-25"-7

  • Sewing machine SEWMAQ SW-4510H-25"-7+SW-4520H-25"-7
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SEWMAQ SW-4510H-25"-7+SW-4520H-25"-7
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Sewing machine  SEWMAQ SW-4510H-25"-7 + SW-4520H-25"-7
Long arm of 25" (63,25 cm) compound feed machines for sewing goods which are difficult to sew with machines that have a normal arm such as car seats, safety belts, quilted fabrics,
parachutes, sails and similar items. Equipped with electronic thread trimmer, backtacking and tension opener and pneumatical presser foot lifter and H.P mechanism. Machines
equipped with a bobbin winder in the head of the machine. Available in 1 and 2 needles.

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