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RICHPEACE SOFTWARE Garment Template Design
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SOFTWARE Richpeace Garment Template Design
Richpeace Garment CAD Template Design Software (GTS) is base on the foundmental Richpeace Garment CAD V9, with special add-on option, the Automatic Sewing Function which can create :
data for output the sewing template to specail laser cutter, the Garment Templater Laser Cutting Machine via Richpeace CUTCENTER module;
data file with sewing template code for Automatic Sewing Machine executes the sewing stitches.
Garment Template Design Software with Sewing Template Option under Richpeace Garment CAD V9Create laser grooving track with the optional feature
Setting the output parameterDefine engraving power parameters in the CUTCENTER module
Output to Template Laser Cutting MachineFinished Template
This module is made under CAD V9, design the pattern piece as usual, call up the new module, define the template, and drag the pieces into the template and define the sewing data.



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