RICHPEACE Rhinestone Hotfix Machine

  • RICHPEACE Rhinestone Hotfix Machine
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RICHPEACE Rhinestone Hotfix Machine
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Rhinestone Hotfix Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features   

With high technology content and low cost, this machine is a typical product of electromechanical integration technotogy;

Designed small and beautiful, easy to use, with low noise, pollution free, low cost of energy and long lifespan;
Rhinestones will be stuck firmly and stably on cloth, and make no damage to the cloth;
Safe and reliable. The heating system is different from the traditional way which uses electricity to generate heat. So the base for heating will be cold all the time and rapidly generates heat on a specific area;
70-80 beads/min to put the Rhinestone on cloth;


Main Function
It uses ultrasonic to make the beads stuck on cloth. Widely used in fashion clothes, shoes, accessories and indoor technical hot-fix;
With the frame specifically for clothes, it can put Rhinestone on various sizes of clothes and on the edges of wide ones;
Automatically controlled by computer system. You can design the pattern as you want. It has already replaced the traditional manual way;
Reserve the manual way. You can put Rhinestong anywhere you want by moving the frame for clothes step by step;
Conveniently and directly put the Rhinestones on the pattern which has been made from the other embroidery machines;


Model & Specification
Model :Computerized Rhinestone Hotfix Machine
Control Panel :5" LCD Display wih Control Keypad Panel
Frame Driving :Stepping Motor
Embroidery Area :350 x 350 mm
Max. Speed :70~80 beads/mm
Ultrasonic Power :450 Watt
Ultrasonic Frequency :35KHz
Static Capacitance :2700~3100pF



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