RICHPEACE Auto Single Head Quilting Machine

  • RICHPEACE Auto Single Head Quilting Machine
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RICHPEACE Auto Single Head Quilting Machine
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Auto Single Head Quilting Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features   

Continuously and automatically quilting to make higher quality products such as mattress cover, quilts, upholstery, clothes, sleeping bags, bed cover from thin to thick sewing material;
All- in-one machine can do material feeding, spreading, sewing and cutting automatically;


Main Function


Fully automatic machine, feeding material, spreading, clipping, quilting, delivery and cutting all process are automatically running and controlled by programmable computer system.
Good for both thicker and thinner material, varies of material can be used, such as sponge, foam, memory foam, silk, cotton, polyester fiber, down feather and other padding material.
Adjustable presser foot suitable for varies thickness. Max thickness up to 70mm.
German made machine head. Max speed reaches to 2500 rpm. Production speed is 1800~2200 rpm;
Automatic thread breakage detection and back to the breaking point for re-quilting;
Powerful quilting computer function, such as stitch length selection, pattern resize, pattern edges adjustment,etc;
Quilting pattern & product quantity, length for cutting information can be preset to computer. Long and Cross cuts can be fulfilled in one time, also able to have edges finishing;
Panasonic servo motor for driving bridge machine, makes movement more reliable and stable;
German made 32mm extra jumbo size hook;
Lower noise, high precision, stable and excellent performance.
Professional punching system for designing, producing and simulating of the quilt patterns


Model & Specification
Series (Name Rule)RPQ-SA-2325RPQ-SA-2628RPQ-SA-3232
Material Size (mm)258029303530
Needle Working Size (Max.)2250 x 2440 mm2600 x 2800 mm3200 x 3200 mm
StitchLock StitchLock StitchLock Stitch
Stitch Length2~6mm2~6mm2~6mm
Max. Quilting Thickness70mm70mm70mm
Max. Speed2500 rpm2500 rpm2500 rpm
Installation Area8.15m x 3.85m8.45m x 4.15m10.45m x 4.55m



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