RICHPEACE Rhinestone with Embroidery Machine

  • RICHPEACE Rhinestone with Embroidery Machine
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RICHPEACE Rhinestone with Embroidery Machine
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Rhinestone with Embroidery Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features   


Complicated mixed embroidery can be accomplished efficiently and accurately with one machine by changing manually or automatically among flat embroidery, sequin embroidery and ultrasonic hot-fix rhinestone.
Rhinestone embroidery machine can fix different sizes and color of rhinestone on many kinds of fabric. It is unique and with high production ability by combining rhinestone with embroidery work. It can work universally with embroidery products on fashion dress, shoes, fashion accessories, interior craftwork etc.
Multi-functions, mixed type embroidery with standard, sequin embroidery and ultrasonic hot-fix, represent outstanding integration between machinery and electronics.
High quality, less thread breakage and better embroidering quality at high speed.


Model & Specification
SeriesRPMR SeriesRPPR Series
Specifications1+1(1 flat head 1 rhinestone head)2+2(2 flat heads 2 rhinestone heads)1~6 heads
Control Panel10.4" LCD Touch Screen5" LCD display & Keypad
Main Shaft DrivingServo Motor
Frame DrivingStepping MotorStepping MotorStepping Motor
Min. Heads Distance500mm400mm
Speed for EmbroideryMax. 1000 rpmMax. 1000 rpmNA
Speed for Stone FixingMax. 100 beads/min.Max. 80 beads/min.Max. 120 beads/min.
Colors for Stone2 colors2 colors
OptionsBoring Device 


Optional Parts
Sequin DeviceL: left side single sequin deviceR: right side single sequin deviceLR: double sides single sequin deviceLT: left side twin sequin deviceRT: right side twin sequin deviceLRT: double sides twin sequin device
Cording DeviceC: Simple Cording DeviceFC: Tracing Cording Device
Boring DeviceB: Boring Device
Laser Cutting DeviceLaser Cutting System
Looping DeviceLP: Single Chenille System
Auto-Oiling DeviceAO: Auto-Oiling Device



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