RICHPEACE Pure/Mixed Coiling Embroidery Machine

  • RICHPEACE Pure/Mixed Coiling Embroidery Machine
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RICHPEACE Pure/Mixed Coiling Embroidery Machine
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Pure/Mixed Coiling Embroidery Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features   


General Specifications :same as Flat Embroidery;
Low Noise :special mechanical design on coiling head, ensure running fast but with lower noise;
Switch Between Embroidery Type :enable to select working between flat embroidery and coiling embroidery automatically with high efficiency;
Independent zigzag stitch device :sew distance (1~16mm) can be set via operation panel to the zigzag device, which can be set up suitable stitch length and speed for difference coiling material in order to achieve a good quality embroidery ;
Auto-Select type of embroidery :various embroidery stitch styles are available, such as taping, flat zigzag, cording, etc. Able to set up via the operation panel.
Easy changing of coiling feeding device :difference type of feeding devices on the coiling heads can be easily changed manually;
Adjustable stitches distance :throught the operation panel, the stitches distance can be set easily (max. 8mm) with according to difference coiling material. The lower dead point can be set up easily to maxmum 3mm;
Auto generate zigzag stitch :6 types of zigzag stitches can be created from flat embroidery data, it is so easy to have zigzag data;
Stitch Length :0.1~12.7mm


Model & Specification
Specifications :1~3 Heads4~8 Heads9~13 Heads
Control Panel :10.4" LCD Touch Screen
Main Shaft Driving :Servo Motor
Frame Driving :Stepping MotorServo MotorServo Motor
Min. Head Distance :550 mm
Speed :1000 rpm850 rpm850 rpm
Options :

Max. : flat embroidery 1000 rpm, taping embroidery 650 rpm, zigzag embroidery 600 rpm, beads embroidery 600 rpms

Max. : flat embroidery 850 rpm, taping embroidery 600 rpm, zigzag embroidery 600 rpm, beads embroidery 600rpm


Optional Parts
Sequin DeviceL: left side single sequin deviceR: right side single sequin deviceLR: double sides single sequin deviceLT: left side twin sequin deviceRT: right side twin sequin deviceLRT: double sides twin sequin device
Cording DeviceC: Simple Cording DeviceFC: Tracing Cording Device
Boring DeviceB: Boring Device
Laser Cutting DeviceLaser Cutting System
Looping DeviceLP: Single Chenille System
Auto-Oiling DeviceAO: Auto-Oiling Device



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