• RICHPEACE Garment Template Sewing System (GTSS)
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RICHPEACE Garment Template Sewing System (GTSS)
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RICHPEACE Garment Template Sewing System (GTSS) RICHPEACE

  • Difficult to find skillful workers?
  • Raise Salary every year?
  • Still traditional working method?
  • Low efficiency?
  • Takes time to be skillful?
  • Unstable sewing quality?
It is the composition of Richpeace's, more than 10 years on CAD, Laser Cut, Embroidery and Quilting Technologies, to develop the first automatic template sewing solution for Garment Industries.

Here is the example on sewing horizontal line on ski jacket with Richpeace Automatic Template Sewing Solution.

1) Draw the sewing line on to the panel and set the sequence of line accordingly.

2) Output the data to Automatic Template Sewing Machine which should be done later after the template is completed.

3) Draw the Template with calling up the rectangular template set, and put the working piece into it. The full set of template can be placed many pieces as marker layout, just call up the GMS system for putting numbers of template as you want.

4) After the layout and playing of templates, you can send the data to Template Laser Cutting Machine for cutting.



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