• RICHPEACE High Speed Single Sequin Mending Machine
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RICHPEACE High Speed Single Sequin Mending Machine
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High Speed Single Sequin Mending Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features   

After sequin device installed in the sewing machine, offer fantastic convenient to operation;
Machine speed can be adjusted between 50~1000rpm;
Needle back to same point after every operation, the needle can automatically go back to the same point as set in beginning, convenient for next operation.


Main Function
Able to manual mending or auto mending. Manual mending allows to at any place and add sequins one by one. And able to freely fix the sequins, in order to achieve a nice integration with the original design;
Auto mending mainly apply for filling up of big sequins lost or missing area.


Model & Specification
Richpeace Single Sequin Mending MachineRPS-SM-M50~1000 rpm1


Optional Parts
Configuration TypeConfiguration Instructions
Single Sequin Mending DeviceSupply Single Sequin Mending device and Electronic System
Sequin Mending Device + Sewing Machine Head + Servo Motor (can supply alone)Supply Single Sequin Mending Device, Electronic System, Sewing Machine Head and Servo Motor. Do not supply Bracket and bedplate
Single Sequin Mending MachineInstall and Adjust the Single Sequin Mending Machine



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