• RICHPEACE Multi-direction and Multi-function Embroidery Machine
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RICHPEACE Multi-direction and Multi-function Embroidery Machine
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Multi-direction and Multi-function Embroidery Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features

Adopted with crochet needle and universal feed mechanism for all directions, this machine can sew single thread with chain stitch . Instead of manual driver. The machine is drove by motor .featured with reasonable structure and flexible operation, it can achieve chain stitch, moss stitch, taping, braiding and ray stitch.
With latest single chain stitch, it can sew kinds of new design without frame.
Suitable for coats, suit, shoes, caps, curtain, drapery, wedding dress, sport wear, towel and other linen fabric.


Model & Specification
ModelWorking SpeedNeedle StrokeMax. Stitch LengthFeedingStitch AreaDistance/Press FootNeedle SystemMotor
RPS-M-M800 s/m14mm5.0mmUniversal Feed Movement235mm x 98mm7mm

Chain : 137 x 1 TR, #14~#18

Moss : 137 x 1 SM, #14~#18

4P, 250W



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