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Device to engrave piece-goods and cut out applique pieces

The GMI Roller is a rolling/unrolling machine that must be positioned under the GMI Laser, near the embroidery machine.

It is the perfect device for engraving piece-goods and cutting out appliques, while the embroidery machine keeps on working.

The GMI Laser will automatically shift on the Roller, any time the embroidery machine is stitching. This allows an optimized output and avoids any waste of time of the Laser.

GMI Roller ® 
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GMI Roller ® Samples             

expo2002-a.jpg (67007 byte)
GMI Roller ® 
installed under GMI Laser ®, between GMI Plotter ® 

and the embroidery machine 

Main Features

Working area:X = 1.800 mm Y = 12 / 18 cm (depending on the laser bell installed)

Unroller - Roller.

Allows to engrave piece-goods and to cut out small appliques in a continuous process.

It is installed under the GMI Laser, near the embroidery machine. 

The grid on the top allows the collection of cutted pieces in a proper bin.

The GMI Laser Driver control software is extremely easy. It allows to create cuts and engravings and to set power, speed and number of passages parameters .

Technical Characteristics

Power supply:220V - 500 W

Lenght of the roller:1800 mm

Total size:X: 2285 - Y: 1400 - Z: 860 mm

Software:Stilista 2000 Laser Driver



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