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Cutting and engraving desk

GMI Plotter is a cutting desk taking advantage of laser technology: it must be installed under GMI Laser ®, near the embroidery machine.

This device offers many advantages:

-Big money saving: the laser used is the one already installed.

-Resources optimisation: it allows cutting, engraving and punching appliques during the laser idle times.

-Great versatility: the device is arranged to coupling the tambour of other embroidery machines (when a final cut on finished clothes is requested).


GMI Plotter ®gmi-plotter-002.jpg (21304 byte)

GMI Plotter ®

installed under GMI Laser ®, between 
GMI Roller ® and the embroidery machine   

Among the main characteristics we point out:

A wide working field 1800 x 900 mm.;

The desk on the top allows the collection of cut pieces in a proper bin;

The grid can be divided in 4 parts; each can be separately removed for an easier cleaning;

Coupling other machines’ tambours.

The laser features are the same of the GMI Laser already installed.

The GMI Plotter is extremely easy to use, thanks to the Laser Driver control software, and very safe, as it conforms to the most recent EC Regulations.

GMI offers his customers, the long experience in laser cutting technology that gained over many years.


Power supply:1000 W

Working Field:1800 x 900 mm

- Software:Stilista Laser Driver



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