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Laser system for embroidery industry

The GMI Plotter Laser is an innovative system for cutting and engraving garments with laser technology. 

The laser beam is directed precisely by the combination of frame movement and the reflection on special mirrors driven with electromagnetic motors.


This method enables to work with precision and allows a much higher laser cutting speed than in traditional systems.laser-plotter-in.jpg (67487 byte)

GMI Plotter LaserEmbroidery Catalogue

Among the main characteristics we point out:

A wide working field 1800X900 mm. 

High cutting and engraving speed.

The great advantage of setting up different speed, power and number of passages for each cut, which proves particularly useful when working with different materials on the same sample.

It is equipped with a laser height measuring instrument with vertical movement. This proves a perfect cutting or engraving of fabrics of different thickness.

It is equipped with external barriers, smoke suction system and a protective bell to guarantee complete safety.

The GMI Plotter Laser is extremely easy to use, thanks to its laser driver control software, and very safe, as it conforms to the most recent EC Regulations.

GMI makes available to its customers, the long experince in laser cuttig technology that gained over many years.


Power supply:220V - 1600 W

- Working Field:1800 x 900 mm

Laser type:CO2 sorgente sigillata

Laser power:25-50 W

Max laser power consumption:75-150 W

Duration of laser:25.000 hours

Max engraving speed:6000 mm/sec

- Spot:540 ľm

- Software:Stilista 2000 Laser Driver

- Galvo-based marking head



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