RICHPEACE Flat Cap Tubular Single Head Embroidery Machine

  • RICHPEACE Flat Cap Tubular Single Head Embroidery Machine
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RICHPEACE Flat Cap Tubular Single Head Embroidery Machine
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Flat Cap Tubular Single Head Embroidery Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features   


Resize/Rotation :Design can be resized from 50% to 200% with 1% increment, design rotation is allowed with 1 degree increment;
Hooking System :Separated motor hooking system gives more reliable & low noise thread hooking;
Pressure Foot :Adjustable pressure foot gives variety per different thickness of material;
Embroidery Area :With 520 x 450 mm extra large embroidery area;
Control Panel :5" LCD screen and keypad operation panel, provided with USB and LAN port.


Multi-function Embroidiery :Machine is widely used in T-shirt, sportwear, and caps as well as general flat embroidery working;
Power Failure Protection :When unexpected power failure occurred, it can search for the last stopping point and make a continuous operation;
Auto thread breaking detection :When the upper thread or under thread in the state of broken or running out of thread, the machine can detect it and stops automatically;
Auto Speed Control :Increase or decrease to the reasonable embroidery speed automatically according to stitch length;
Frame Movement :Manual frame back/forward is available with the units of stitches, color change or stitch count number.


Model & Specification
Specification :Single Head, Bridge Style
Control Panel :5" LCD display with keypad panel
Main Shaft Driving :Transducer Motor
Frame Driving :Stepping Motor
Flat Embroidery Area :520 x 450 mm
Cap Embroidery Area :360 x 75 mm
Tubular Embroidery Area :350 x 350 mm
Max. Speed (Flat Embrodiery) :850 rpm
Max. Speed (Cap Embrodiery) :850 rpm
Max. Speed (Tubular Embroidery) :1000 rpm


Optional Parts
Sequin DeviceL: left side single sequin deviceR: right side single sequin deviceLR: double sides single sequin deviceLT: left side twin sequin deviceRT: right side twin sequin deviceLRT: double sides twin sequin device
Cording DeviceC: Simple Cording DeviceFC: Tracing Cording Device
Boring DeviceB: Boring Device
Laser Cutting DeviceLaser Cutting System
Looping DeviceLP: Single Chenille System
Auto-Oiling DeviceAO: Auto-Oiling Device



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