RICHPEACE 1200 Special Standard series

  • RICHPEACE 1200 Special Standard series
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RICHPEACE 1200 Special Standard series
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1200 Special Standard series RICHPEACE

Main Features


Design Storage :Standard memory of 16 million stitches and up to 200 patterns. One design can hold memory of 500,000 stitches;
Control Panel :10.4" LCD touch screen operation panel with USB port and LAN port, machine can be connected to computer or internet directly.
Stitch Length :0.1 ~ 12.7mm;
Satin Stitch Compensation :0.1 ~ 1.0mm;
Languages :Multi-languages Interface, such as Chinese, English, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, Portuguese, etc;
Hooking System :Independent motorized hooking system, more reliable & quiet thread hooking;
Trimming System :Motorized Thread Trimming System more efficient & quiet and improved the quality of the finished products and the productivity;
Pantograph System :Linear Guide Rail for Pantograph system assures more accurate frame driving with lower noise and more delicate embroidery work;
Stablity :Three-phase micro step pulse motor driver, ensures more accurate and stable frame driving with minimum vibration and noise;
Speed :Max. Speed of 850 rpm;
Color Change :Color changing by linear guide rail ensures accurate, fast running process and easier to operate;
Factory Patented :Three main components of Arm Base, Rotary Hook Base and Needle bar case set are self-produced parts  in order to ensure the precision.


Main Functions
Pattern Editing :Editing functions like copy, split, delete and merge functions;
Pattern Data Editing :Can change pattern data by modifying, deleting or inserting stitches;
Automatic Embroidery Repetition :Repeat a design in X/Y directions up to 99 times;
Stitch Exceed Outline Frame Warning :When stitch runs exceed the set outline limit, gives warning and automatically stop;
Thread Breakage Detection :Automatic upper thread and under thread breakage detection;
Automatic Speed Control :Increase or decrease embroidery speed automatically according to stitch length;
Power Detection :Power Failure Protection Function.


Model & Specification
Series (Name Rule)RPED-FN
Specification1~56 Heads
Control Panel10.4" LCD touch screen
Main Shaft DrivingServo Drive System
Frame DrivingStepping Drive System
Min. Head Distance160 mm for 6 Needles, 250 mm for 9 Needles, 350 mm for 12 needles
Max. Speed for Flat Embroidery850 rpm


Optional Parts
Sequin DeviceL: left side single sequin deviceR: right side single sequin deviceLR: double sides single sequin deviceLT: left side twin sequin deviceRT: right side twin sequin deviceLRT: double sides twin sequin device
Cording DeviceC: Simple Cording DeviceFC: Tracing Cording Device
Boring DeviceB: Boring Device
Laser Cutting DeviceLaser Cutting System
Looping DeviceLP: Single Chenille System
Auto-Oiling DeviceAO: Auto-Oiling Device



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