RICHPEACE High Speed Embroidery Machine

  • RICHPEACE High Speed Embroidery Machine
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RICHPEACE High Speed Embroidery Machine
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High Speed Embroidery Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features

Having same general specification as flat embroidery machine;
Computer controls the selection of working heads for embroidery, it is different from the traditional manual control, machine can do the alternative embroidery with any head numbers;
Rigid main body structure, double beam framework is used for the model with more than 12 heads, advanced anti-vibration pad and auto-lubricating system make the embroidery more reliable, stable and less trouble at high speed work, as a result, it gives longer machine lifetime;
For the model with more than 8 heads, X-axis motion uses screw drive system, Y-axis motion uses linear guide rail system, plus AC servo motor for frame driving;
Maximum speed details : 2~10 heads, 1200rpm; 12~15 heads, 1100rpm; 16-20 heads, 1000rpm;
New type of thread feeding mechanism is used, can reduce the friction between the threads during high speed running;
When the option of Sequin Device installed :
  • Max speed for 9mm sequins : 750rpm;
  • Max speed for 7mm sequins : 800rpm;
  • Max speed for 5mm sequins : 850rpm;
  • Max speed for 4mm sequins : 850rpm;
  • Max speed for 3mm sequins : 900rpm.


Model & Specification
SeriesRPED-FN Series
Specification2~10 Heads12~15 Heads16~20 Heads
Control Panel10.4" LCD Touch Screen
Main Shaft DrivingServo Motor
Frame DrivingServo Motor
Max. SpeedMax. 1200 rpmMax. 1100 rpmMax. 1000 rpm


Optional Parts
Sequin DeviceL: left side single sequin deviceR: right side single sequin deviceLR: double sides single sequin deviceLT: left side twin sequin deviceRT: right side twin sequin deviceLRT: double sides twin sequin device
Cording DeviceC: Simple Cording DeviceFC: Tracing Cording Device
Boring DeviceB: Boring Device
Laser Cutting DeviceLaser Cutting System
Looping DeviceLP: Simple Chenille System
Auto-Oiling DeviceAO: Auto-Oiling Device



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