RICHPEACE Dynamic Sequin Motif Machine

  • RICHPEACE Dynamic Sequin Motif Machine
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RICHPEACE Dynamic Sequin Motif Machine
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Dynamic Compact Single Head Embroidery Machine RICHPEACE

Main Features

New founded technology to make sequin without threading;
It is the advantage to achieve 700pcs/min high speed production, less gas consumption, easy to operate;
Able to be in one or multi-heads working simultaneously. Each head can have 4 different types or color sequins;
Firmly fixed sequins, not easy to have tilt edge and will not scratch to hand after hot press process added;
Quick and easy to edit design in editing system.


  • Richpeace Sequin Motif Layout Machine
  • Layout Processing, pattern data can be prepared with Richpeace Embroidery CAD Software.
  • Go to hot pressing with about 20 seconds.
  • Peel off the plastic sheet and see the result.
  • For details, please contact us.


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